This is Calmo
a one-of-a-kind creative agency

Oficina Calmo


Did we introduce ourselves? It will be quick, as our personality is an accurate reflection of the work shown, a model of our commitment to society. Calmo has no secrets but a peculiar way of understanding design and communication.

01. A culture based on communication.

At Calmo, we believe that effective communication is the driving force behind a company’s success. In an increasingly digital era, companies must find a way to stand out, have an impact, and make a difference.

02. Commitment to society.

It is comforting to know that our work can inspire a change in the social organizations we partner with. All the integrity and transparency exposed in our daily work with clients is also applied to our support to development cooperation, revealing that, for Calmo, business ethics are an immovable value.

03. The way we see design.

Good design must be simple enough to be quickly identifiable and also adaptable to any context. To achieve this, we combine our passion for things well-done with our commitment to people and our creativity to generate ideas. We enjoy teamwork and making the most of our environment to successfully accomplish every project.

Our Clients

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