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A new concept of treatment with a body-centered approach.

TAOMA is a Physiotherapy Centre based in Paterna, Valencia. Aiming to express the brand’s new concept of treatment and the combination of both Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we developed a name and a brand which enhance the importance the importance of the body above all, and straddles the line between Chinese conception of medicine and common Physiotherapy. We built TAOMA brand from three simplistic elements which represent the three main parts of the human body, and converge with the simplicity and harmony inherent to ‘Zen’ style. Eventually, we completed the project by designing the signage and interior of the centre, a website, and several templates for social media, business cards and leaflets, amongst other materials.

I. Brand Identity

The first step was to define a corporate color and typography, so we could design a logo which heightened three brand’s principles: human body, simplicity and harmony.



II. Web Design

After setting up the new brand, TAOMA needed a professional website that enabled them to keep their customers informed, improving customer service and letting them showcase their work and services. Simple an efficient.

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III. Interior Design

Eventually, we developed guidelines on how to create bright workspaces to give their clients an environment suited to the company’s philosophy of work. We combined bright green tone and white surfaces to achieve a good first impression from the entry hall. Finally, the two Physiotherapy boxes are connected by a light green corridor that ends at an open-plan room for Pilates and Yoga.