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Social Media for a non-profit

There are over 3 billion internet users and over 2 billion of them have a social media account. Over the past years, the use of social media has become extremely common among non-profit organizations. The reason? Social Media enables charitable organizations to engage with their audience and tell their story, establishing a close relationship with their employees, beneficiaries and stakeholders. This marketing tool is extremely effective if you define an efficient communication strategy for your organization, since the costs associated with it are often less expensive than other marketing tools. It increases brand awareness and loyalty, provides insights from your partners or stakeholders and lets your company reach possible donors through targeting tools.



FUNDAP’s daily activities throughout the Western regions of Guatemala let us develop a lot of updated content for their fans. We ran different campaigns on Facebook to engage their audience and create a sense of community between them, calling it Familia FUNDAP

Animated design, interviews and video edition of FUNDAP’s activities and expert communications.



Illustrations and infographics of special days and FUNDAP’s institutional content

Photography and data visualization of FUNDAP’s programs and projects