2016 Annual Report – FUNDAP

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Content and Cover

After designing the 2015 Annual Report for FUNDAP, they asked us to go one step further for next year’s. This time, our commitment was to present their institutional information and data in an innovative and plain way. In order to include the activity of the organization during the last year in Guatemala, we continued using infographics so the presented information was clearer. To do so, we created different paintings using each of the six colors of FUNDAP’s programs. This year, we also payed special attention on the beneficiaries, who speak of the impact that FUNDAP has had in their lives through 12 stories and two complete interviews. This special focus on the people behind the organization’s work is also recognizable in the cover design, where the hard work beneficiaries put in achieving their development with dignity is enhanced.


Infographics were used to present clear and summarized information.



Texts were strategically displayed through the document so the reader understands their visual hierarchy.






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